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A Tranquil Love Story

Once engaged, Dorian and Darryl knew that they wanted to have a destination wedding, so they could provide their closest family and friends with the opportunity of a vacation getaway. They had 88 guests travel from Ohio, California, Maryland, New York, Florida, and Tennessee to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana to be a part of their wedding. Dorian and Darryl loved the wedding collections that were offered but decided to go with the Seaside Shimmer White collection because it was the perfect match to their wedding palette of silver, sage, and blush. For their ceremony on the beach, they kissed and promised forever surrounded by their loved ones, the sounds of the waves, and a beautiful crystal altar.


Throughout the week their guests took advantage of the Sling Shot, city tours, spending long nights in the casino, and relaxing in the Sun and Moon lounges. Dorian and Darryl also loved the spa and the variety of restaurants available on property.

dance in dark

Their wedding day was filled with love! They gushed over the extraordinary job their onsite wedding coordinator did throughout their stay. Dorian states that Yuleisi helped her to refine details, communicate with guests and make the entire weekend stress free.

bride & bridesmaid

They reminisce about their wedding experience very often and recall the calmness of the beach, the violin player playing their favorite songs, and the décor that made their day picture perfect. Dorian and Darryl also gush over their elegant reception that was laid back but filled with delicious food! They created a wedding experience that was the perfect representation of them – all-inclusive, memorable, and fun.


Having 88 of their loved ones travel to Punta Cana to celebrate this chapter in their lives and toast with glasses of champagne will always be their favorite memory.

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Couples names: Dorian Harriston & Darryl Celler
Wedding Date: February 23, 2018
Wedding planner: Alanna Giner
Onsite wedding planner: Yuleisy Fernandez
Travel Agent: Carol Ebua – Barefoot Bridal