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4 Fun Ways to Loosen Up Your Destination Wedding

There’s a long list of things we expect from our weddings — we want guests to rave about the beauty of the ceremony and drool over the food (you know… figuratively), we want our pictures to be perfectly Pinterest-worthy, and of course, we want our vows to sum up a lifetime of love in a handful of words. We can get so wrapped up in the frenzy of wedding planning that sometimes we leave out one of the most important details: fun!

After all, your wedding is all about you and your partner, and if you’ve chosen a destination wedding, chances are you already have a taste for the new and exciting. There’s nothing wrong with shelving the pomp and circumstance for a few minutes to let your spirits shine through.

Here’s how five couples did just that at their All Inclusive Hard Rock Hotel destination weddings.

1. Do it up rock star style — with pyrotechnics.

Your hearts are alight with love and the party’s on fire — why not make the metaphor literal with some sparklers? This couple did just that at their beach wedding at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. The subtle floral hues and shimmering translucent backdrop of the Seaglass Collection set the stage for classic romance, but the ground fireworks made for the perfect rock star finale. And because this was a Hard Rock wedding, of course the pyrotechnics were an option included with the collection.


2. Paint the town — that is, your ceremony — in bright colors.

Turn up the Billy Idol, but turn down the “White Wedding.” You may have chosen a distant, exotic locale for your destination wedding, so why not incorporate the bright colors of the local flora into your wedding?

The Colin Cowie-designed El Sol Collection at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun plays on the brilliant reds, fuchsias, and oranges of the Caribbean sunset, with a chocolate colored ceremony podium, a large glass globe filled with of coral roses, and an aisle lined with floating flowers and candles.


Maybe a completely bright palette is a little much for you — you want something classic, but with a pop of personality. This couple opted for the White Rosette Collection, but this time with a few personalized modifications — dazzling coral and magenta flowers and brightly colored accessories lent a tropical touch to a traditional scheme.



3. Wow your guests with a foam party.

Maybe tradition just isn’t your bag — bottom line, you want your guests to have the time of their lives at the most important day of yours. Don’t settle for a bubble ceremony when you can drench your bikini-clad guests in foam, like this couple did at their Hard Rock Hotel Cancun wedding.



4. Ceremony up top, party on the bottom.

Loosen up the rules slightly. Maybe you’re covered in layers and layers of satin and tulle, lugging around a billowing bustle, and squeezed into Spanx — or maybe your tie is a bit too tight, and you’re just not getting the hang of sporting a cummerbund. At least give your feet a break! Ditch the heels or loafers for your favorite footwear. A pair of bedazzled flip-flops is perfect for a destination wedding on the beach, or you could roll like this bride, who rocked a pair of blinged-out sneakers for her destination wedding at The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.



Whatever your wedding tastes, the All Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels have the perfect stage for the show of a lifetime. To learn more about our weddings, call 1-855-762-5255 or request more info by filling out our Contact Form.


and remember, love is all you need.