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Punta Cana Marriage Requirements


  • Complimentary Collection does not apply if requested onsite.
  • Last minute weddings: A $1,000 USD fee will apply if the Complimentary Wedding Collection is reserved 30 days or less prior to the ceremony date. Wedding will be turned over to the resort for planning once contract and fee is received from the couple.
  • Décor included in the wedding collections will be extended exclusively for the ceremony only.
  • The sparkling wine toast and cake cutting may be done at the ceremony, cocktail or private function. The resort must be notified of couple’s choice.
  • Depending on selection of requested flowers, additional costs may apply. Please note that our onsite flower selection highly depends on the time of year as well as our weekly floral imports. Certain flowers may not be available.
  • Additional charge will apply for additional chairs, linens, sparkling wine and cake in excess of 32 persons.

  • Depending on photography package chosen, it may take up to 3 weeks to receive. If the couple purchases one of the photography packages, the onsite photographers will be able to provide a CD with the images.

  • Musician’s selection is subject to availability.
  • No personal checks will be accepted at the resort.
  • We will provide couples with a variety of in-house services to choose from.  A third party vendor fee of $1,000.00 USD will apply per outside vendor and entertainer hired by the couple and not contracted by the hotel as a preferred vendor.  If vendor provides multiple services, the fee will apply per service.  The fee covers one (1) person for one (1) day.  Additional persons that work for vendors, or access on additional days, will be charged a day pass. At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, a $1500 Vendor Supervision Fee and $500,000 Insurance Policy will be required for any third party vendor needing to carry out audiovisual work, bringing their own DJ equipment, or installing heavy duty materials (trussing structures, tents, hanging fabrics, etc) within our establishment.
  • If couple would like to have items delivered to their guest rooms, a $3.50 fee per room applies.


  • A set up fee is incurred when a cocktail and/or private function is on the beach or an area with limited or with no elevator access. For a cocktail hour, it is $6 USD per person (ages 4 and up). For a private function, it is $12 USD per person (ages 4 and up). For a cocktail hour and private function, it is $18 USD per person (ages 4 and up).
  •  Pool areas are not available for cocktail/private functions until 7:00 PM. Eden pool is not available.
  • All private functions that are hosted outdoors must be over by 10:30 PM and will be a buffet dinner only.
  •  All private functions that are hosted in the ballroom can go until requested time with the purchase of additional hours and additional staff fee.
  •  All private functions that are hosted in the ballroom will be a plated dinner unless a request for buffet has been made.


  • 2020: $119.00 per adult & children (13-18) / $58.00 per child (4-12)
  • *The hotel will only allow the purchase of wedding passes up to a maximum of 20% of the hotel number of guests attending the wedding. The day passes are only guaranteed on the day of the ceremony. The Wedding Day Passes allow access to the hotel during the ceremony and until the wedding events are done.


  • The couple is required to arrive at the resort 3 business days (Monday through Saturday) prior to the ceremony.
  • Government / Administrative fee of $1,000 USD will be applied to all civil ceremonies performed by a Justice of the Peace, in addition to the collection cost.
  • Civil weddings must be confirmed 90 days prior to arriving at the resort.
  • Civil ceremonies are performed in Spanish. If needed, a translator can be hired at an additional fee.

  • Home address and occupations of the couple.
  • Declaration of Single Status (provided by the Dominican Consulate Office in the country state you currently reside in).
  • Certified copy of birth certificates (provided by your Country’s Government).
  • Translation of all your documents (provided by the Dominican Consulate Office in the country/state you currently reside in).
  • Valid passports.
  • Certified copy of former spouse’s death certificate (if applicable)*
  • Names, ages, nationalities, home addresses, occupations, and passports of 2 witnesses. Witnesses must arrive two (2) business days (Monday-Friday) prior to ceremony. Witnesses must be 18 years or older. If witnesses are not available, Hard Rock will provide them at no additional cost.
  • Upon arrival, the government of Punta Cana charges a fee at customs in the airport. Please contact your travel provider for further details.
  • The couple must not be legally married in order to qualify for our civil ceremony. If they are already married, only a symbolic wedding or vow renewal ceremony can be performed.
  • IMPORTANT – If the couple’s nationality is Dominican, additional documents are required. Please advise your wedding coordinator. Names on green card, divorce decree, and passport MUST be the same, including spelling.
  • Copy of all your documents must be sent to your onsite planner at least two (2) months prior to arrival for verification. It is the couple’s responsibility to submit a copy of all documents to the onsite planner.
  • If divorced less than six months, the legal ceremony cannot be performed. Symbolic ceremonies are available.
  • If divorced, a certified copy of Divorce Decree is required. If divorced more than once, please bring each Divorce Decree.
  • All documentation must be translated into Spanish by the Dominican Consulate office from your country/state of residency. You MUST bring the translated documents; we are not able to translate them at the resort. All translations must have original seal provided by the Dominican Consulate Office.
  • Civil ceremonies are performed Monday – Saturday.


  • The couple is required to arrive at the resort 3 business days (Monday through Saturday) prior to the ceremony.
  • Catholic Wedding Fee is $1,000 USD.
  • Catholic ceremonies may be performed in Spanish and English.
  • Wedding Planner will send the couple a Catholic form that must be completed along with contract.
  • Catholic ceremonies are legally binding.
  • Wedding form must be completed and emailed to: at least 2 months prior to wedding date. Form must be sent as a Word Document. PDFs will not be accepted.
  • Catholic weddings may not be requested less than 3 months prior to wedding.
  • Couple must contact their Parish Priest 6 to 12 months prior to their wedding date to begin the presentation and all pre-wedding requirements.
  • Couple may invite their own priest or deacon to perform their wedding. A letter from the Diocese of good standing must be submitted along with the wedding documents mailed to the church.
  • Witness required.
  • Document Requirements (must be copied and mailed – mailing address below):
    • Birth certificate of both
    • Civil marriage certificate
    • Baptism certificates with full address of the Parish
    • Copy of Parish interview
    • Certificate of the pre-cana or pre-matrimonial course
    • Letter from your parish Priest giving permission to the local priest who will conduct the ceremony
    • Copy of a Nullity Certificate, if applicable.
    • Copy of a Death Certificate, if applicable.
  • The Priest who will be conducting the weddings will be Father Jean A. Lacille, Archivist. His contact information is listed below.
  • Catholic ceremonies will only be performed in a gazebo.
  • Catholic ceremonies cannot be performed on the beach.
  • If couple rehearsal, it will be conducted by the onsite wedding coordinator and the priest will not be present.
  • The Sacrament of Confession will need to be received prior to arriving on property.
  • Mailing documents: all documents must be mailed to the following address via FEDEX, UPS, DHL or USPS at least 3 months prior to the wedding date:
Obispado de la Altagracia
Calle Vetilio Alfau Durán (Libertad)
Higuey, República Dominicana
Phone: 829.806.2675
  • Catholic ceremonies are performed Monday – Saturday.


  • The couple is required to arrive at the resort 3 business days (Monday through Saturday) prior to the ceremony.
  • Symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding. It is the responsibility of the couple to get legally married in their hometown – whether it’s pre or post travel.
  • Passport and tourist ID of each in the couple.
  • Home addresses and occupations of the couple.
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Do not send documents by mail.
  • Symbolic ceremonies are performed Monday – Sunday.


  • All weddings will require a $300 USD non-refundable deposit to confirm the wedding date.
  • The non-refundable deposit will be applied to the couple’s Wedding Proposal and can be used towards a Colin Cowie Wedding Collection or optional services. If the couple chooses to change their wedding to a later time, then the remaining balance will be applied at the time of the requested change, if applicable.
  • Final payment for all wedding services are due 45 days prior to ceremony.


  • Cancellations made 31 days or more prior to the wedding – deposit is not refundable. All other payments are refundable.
  • Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to the wedding – all payments are non-refundable.


  • Please note that birth certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, adoption, and name change documents become the property of the Province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana if certified copies are not provided.
  • A marriage certificate is provided by the Province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for civil ceremonies; this is a legal document issued in Spanish. All wedding couples must contact their local courthouse for filing requirements. Every state/country is different when it comes to filing of foreign marriage documents. Some states/countries require the certificate to be translated from Spanish to English; others may require additional paper work to be filed. This is the couple’s responsibility and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana is not liable for any additional charges that may be associated according to the state/country’s requirements on supplementary paperwork. The marriage certificate will be mailed to the couple directly using the address provided onsite. Due to the civil ceremony processes in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic the certificate can take up to 2 months to be shipped and a mandatory fee of $69.00 USD will apply.
  • Translation fee will be charged at hotel depending on the number of documents.